Cut Costs
Any organisation should be keeping tabs on the amount and cost of printing and audit printing.

If you have never before looked into it you will be surprised at the cost of printing to your organisation. You should audit printing at al levels in order have a full understanding of the costs of printing and find where obvious cuts can be made.

Legal firms, architects, design houses and anyone else who prints a lot of matter for clients need to audit printing so that costs can be tracked and passed on to the client.

Print Manager Plus is the perfect tool to audit printing.
Print Manager Plus Data Loss Prevention
Print Manager Plus 2010, from Software shelf International provides an additional level of security and data loss prevention and is used by some of the largest government agencies, corporations and institutions in the world.

"The big hole in Data Loss Prevention has to do with uncontrolled and usually unrestricted printing" according to Software Shelf CEO, Bill Feeley. "Print Manager Plus 2010 fills this need and is the most robust and least expensive solution available on the market today."

Print Manager Plus 2010 can quickly set Quotas and Restrictions on a single or multiple users, user groups, and organizational units. Restrictions can be set directly on a printer or group of printers. Default settings can be turned on for new Users, and Printers added to the Active Directory.

According to Feeley, if a print job has been denied because of a preset data restriction or a printing quota has been met, Print Manager Plus 2010 can automatically be set to pause the print job or delete it. Pop-Up messages can then be automatically sent to the userworkstation explaining why the print job was denied and requiring the user to obtain authorization to continue.

New security related features enable easy compliance to regulations such as HIPAA security rules and similar rules of UK and European Data Protection regulations, as well as Sarbanes Oxley in the US.

Print Manager Plus 2010 not only makes printing 100 percent more efficient and secure, it enables fast, state of the art print controls and accounting, significant reductions of waste and increased cost savings all while dramatically lowering IT and hardware resource requirements and increasing Date Loss Protection for any organization.

Marking a milestone in the development of all print management solutions, Print Manager Plus 2010 eliminates the need to deploy complex and expensive hardware solutions. In fact, Print Manager Plus 2010 is the only fully functional all software solution available supporting all printers, plotters and multifunctional devices on the market today and all Microsoft, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux operating systems and it does so at a fraction of the cost of any other IT product available.
Green IT
Green IT is all about reducing both costs and organisation on the environment. Printing is probably the easiest was to achieve this goal of both reducing costs and our effect on the planet.

We print vast amounts of copy. Most of this paper and ink is used once and then thrown away. A large proportion is not even used once but wasted. We are talking about millions of dollars in waste and forests of trees being needlessly cut down.

There is a much bigger picture too. The cost of running a printer is counted in ink/toner and paper, but consider the energy required by the printer every time it is used. Consider the wear on the hardware. Then consider the environmental cost of producing the ink. The power needed to manufacture the ink, the cartridge, the transportation, packaging etc.

Now consider the energy required to produce paper. It takes vast amounts of energy to cut the tree down, pulp it, produce sheets, then transport it, package, it goes on and on. Also consider the chemicals used in the production of paper. It is a huge industry and none of it is doing your budget or the environment any favours.

For these reasons we must reduce the amount of printed material we generate each and every day. Both your budget and the environment will benefit if you do so, and it is easy to do with Print Manager Plus is a green IT product designed to put you in 100% control of the printing that goes on within your organisation.

Use it to:
  • Restrict printing
  • Track printing
  • Report on printing
  • Charge for printing

It is a wonderful tool that makes controlling your printing easy and will pay for itself in no time.

Print Manager Plus users save 150,000 trees each month!